Cadmiums email and telephone support is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Eastern. 

After hours, please email with details, including your name, email, and specific details of what problem, issue or questions you have. Including any course or webinar names and website addresses.

This follow-up information is an important step that helps us help you.

We will reply via email.

Our Support phone number is: 800-274-9390


The Elevate Help Desk will make every effort to resolve issues at the time of the service call. This will be the initial method for resolving issues before assigning a priority level. Help Desk staff will log and assign priorities for all requests not resolved at the time of the call, based on specific definitions. 

ResponseRequests will be handled according to the priority assigned to them. The following table describes the priority levels assigned to requests for Elevate problems.

Target Response Time
HighErrors include high-impact issues in the services are inoperative or seriously degraded.Within 8 business hours
MediumThe Error limits the functionality or usefulness of the service, but the condition is not critical to the continued operation of the services. Within 12 business hours
LowMinimal service problems arising from confusion or user error related to a feature. Within 24 business hours

Cadmium will provide Customer and Users with support described in Exhibit B. Unless otherwise set forth herein (including but not limited to Exhibit B), Customer will be responsible for providing “Tier 1” support to its Users. “Tier 1” issues are defined as only those issues that are not specifically Cadmium technical issues but are related to the User’s ability to access and use ELEVATE and include issues related to Customer’s infrastructure, including Customer-provided equipment, internet connections and or database issues or content-specific issues related to products developed by Customer or by a publisher on behalf of the Customer or licensed by the Customer. In these situations, Cadmium support will refer issues to Customer designated contacts following a mutually agreeable procedure. Each customer service department will have a specific email address provided by Cadmium that Users can directly email for support. In other situations, Cadmium will provide services and support for ELEVATE as further described in Exhibit B.

Exhibit B – Software Support and Maintenance

Unless expressly provided for in this Exhibit, in the event of a conflict between the provisions contained in the Agreement and those contained in this Exhibit, the provisions contained in the Agreement shall prevail.

Hosted Services Details

Services DescriptionHosting, monitoring, user support, security, upgrades, and backup of the ELEVATE Software
Standard User and Admin Support DescriptionAdministrator training and telephone, email, web chat, ticket support for end-users via
Hours 8 :30 AM to 5:30 PM, Eastern US time, Monday thru Friday
Training DescriptionCustomer Administrator training to be delivered via Web Conference or equivalent service.

Service Levels

The Service Levels for the ELEVATE PLATFORM shall be as follows: Monthly average availability: 99.9%.

Availability is a number expressed as a percentage which is calculated by subtracting Unexcused Downtime from Maximum Uptime and dividing that number by the Maximum Uptime in that month.

Maximum Uptime means the applicable calendar month in its entirety (i.e., 24 hours per day, seven days per week), minus Excused Downtime.

Excused Downtime means:

(i) any Downtime for scheduled maintenance outside of standard business hours

(ii) any Downtime excused in accordance with Section 15.8 (Force Majeure).

Unexcused Downtime means Downtime minus Excused Downtime.

Downtime means that the applicable ELEVATE Services are not accessible by Customer and Users or not performing in accordance with the warranty.