This function sends a test copy of the email cover letter through the Real Magnet system, to show how the email will look and function in a real email program such as Outlook or Mac OSX Mail.

The main difference between using Send Proof and Send Email Version is that Send Proof can be used before you make the newsletter public by publishing it. With Send Proof, the Read More links of the proof email version also go to a proof version of the full web-hosted newsletter. DO NOT send the Send Proof version of the email to your whole mailing list.

Click "Go to Real Magnet," to put a proof copy of the email cover letter into your Real Magnet account. Real Magnet will open in a separate window, where you can preview your email, and send it to yourself or anyone who needs to proof-read this issue.

NOTE: Be aware that there are small differences in the way Real Magnet prepares a "Send to Individual" email and a "Send to Group" email, such as the unsubscribe links, which only work went sent to a group.